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Books/Chapbooks reviewed by The Stray Branch

"There Is No Lovely End," by Patty Templeton published by Odd Rot.
A finely woven web of words that perfectly traps its prey (the reader) with raw and gutsy imagery and an edgy array of quirky colorful characters. There Is No Lovely End, is a well executed blend of history, mayhem, mystery, deviants, mystics and ghosts.

Elvis Presley's Hips & Mick Jagger's Lips by Susana H. Case,
available through
Anaphora Literary Press, Also available on

Life poems reflecting the history and influence of rock and roll, Elvis Presley's Hips & Mick Jagger's Lips is a bold, well crafted collection of poems. Ranging in subject matter these poems are enlightening as well as entertaining.

Salem in Séance
Poems/Susana H. Case 
A collection of poetry available through 
WordTech Editions

In Salem in Séance, Susana has done a wonderful job channeling those accused of witchcraft in the late 1600's and giving voices to the once silenced. Here they find justice in a collection of poems shedding light on the horrors of a time when political and personal agendas along with fear born of ignorance ruined many innocent lives. Susana is to be commended for her work here which is both eye opening and meticulous. Her research is flawless and she has executed these poems beautifully with compassion and insight. 

Shards And Stanzas:
48 by Forty Eight by G. David Schwartz

Witty and entertaining, Shards And Stanzas: 48 by Forty Eight, is a collection of poems, short but certainly not lacking
in substance.
Uniquely penned, quirky and thought provoking these poems are sure to draw in the reader and keep them coming back for more.

Wolf Down by Anthony Liccione
Wolf Down is a book of poetry containing 40 poems, released by Corrupt Press in December.

A powerful mix of the dark and the light, the raw with the refined, Wolf Down is a remarkable collection of poems sure to
draw in the reader. Well articulated, insightful and accessible, Wolf Down is a must have addition to any poetry lovers collection. 

Zero Division by Joseph M. Gant

Poetry Editor S A M Publishing
Sex and Murder Magazine
Published through Rebel Satori Press 
Zero Division is poetry with teeth gnawing at the flesh of human truths and devouring their hearts with pleading fists. Beautifully bruised, straightforward and hardcore, these poems are brilliant, powerful, accessible and skillfully executed. 
Zero Division

Surface Effects in Winter Wind

by Tobi Cogswell

Both prickly and smooth, these poems are thoughtful and thought provoking, warm and well written with insight and depth.

Twisted Velvet Chains
By Jessica Bell

“A bold, unique voice, Jessica Bell's words leap into existence with the bravery of raw, vivid imagery and language aimed straight at the heart of the matter. Masterful, lyrical and haunting, Twisted Velvet Chains is a pulls no punches approach to tackling painful, delicate subject matter with a refined skill and subtle grace."

Twisted Velvet Chains


“A Tiara for the Twentieth Century”

Suzanne Richardson Harvey

Suzanne Richardson Harvey is a master of her craft. She is a poet that appeals to readers on many levels, captivating them with strong, clear imagery combined with the straightforward honesty of human emotion. Speaking with wisdom, experience and mature confidence she is bold, honest and thoughtful with her words.

In “A Tiara for the Twentieth Century” Suzanne takes the reader on a journey through the many moods and cycles of life, her life yet there is something here for everyone as she boldly explores personal subject matter that is relatable, in some form or another to all who read her work.

These poems are accessible, true to life, brave, straightforward, compassionate and very human.

Suzanne’s work has appeared in two issues of The Stray Branch, #3, Spring/Summer 2009 and #4, Fall/Winter 2009.

She’s an amazing talent and if you love poetry this collection is a must read.

“A Tiara for the Twentieth Century”

Available through Fithian Press, A division of Daniel and Daniel,
Publishers, Inc., Susan Daniel

Sadly, Suzanne passed away July 17th 2010. She was a great source of inspiration and encourgement for me and the magazine in its early days.

Click here for Obituary (posted with the permission of the family)







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