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Written by Debbie Berk
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Fall/Winter 2014 #14 Vol 11

Poetry by......Amy Lawson, Daniel N. Flanagan, Denise Mostacci Sklar, Doug Polk, Edward W. L. Smith, G. David Schwartz, Heather M. Browne, Ibrahim Deathray, J Ryan Bermuda, James B. Nicola, Jason Brown, Jerry M. Nehr, Jr, Joan McNerney, John J. Trause, John Spilman, Jr., Joseph Buehler, Joy Leftow, Laura Grodin, Marcia Arrieta,Mark Burchard, Mark J. Mitchell, Matthew Rodgers, Peter Grimaldi, Phaidra Mangriotis, Rick Hartwell, Roger Cowin, Ron Larson, Scott Blackwell, Shinjini Bhattacharjee, Stephen D. Nadaud II, Tim Murphy, William Ogden Haynes Fiction by......Angela Spires, Gary Beck, Judy Bastin, LELA MARIE DE LA GARZA, Mandy Alyss Brown, Rick McQuiston, Flash Fiction by...... Denise Mostacci Sklar. Gary Hewitt. Mark Hage. Artwork by...... Denny Marshall, Marcia Arrieta, Niall Parkinson, Photography by...... Ibrahim Deathray, Mark Burchard, Paul Beckman, Susana H. Case, Cover art by Niall Parkinson


Current Issue/Fall/Winter 2014 

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