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Written by Debbie Berk
Category: News

Spring/Summer 2014 #13 Vol 10


Poetry by......Alicia M. Cable, Anthony J. Langford, Arthur Gottlieb, Ashley Dioses, Charles Byrne, Collen Colkitt, Craig A. Hart, Dan Algara, David Lawrence, Debbie Berk, Erick Ulrich, Erren Geraud Kelly, Frank De Canio, G. David Schwartz, Greg Moglia, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, Gretchen Tessmer, Jan Spence, Jeff Bernstein, Jim Davis, John Grey, John Sibley Williams, Joseph Owens, K.J Wortendyke Jr.,Kevin Ridgeway, Marchell Dyon Jefferson, Mark Burchard, Michael Ashley, Michael O'Connor, Peggy Carter,Peter McQueary, Peycho Kanev, Rebecca Freeh, Rex Sexton, Rhonda Parrish, Richard Calaman, Richard King Perkins 11, Robert Diehl, Roger Singer,Stella Santamaria, Thomas Edwards, Tom Pescatore,Toska Litost, Val Gryphin, Venger As'Nas Satanis,Walter Newton Fiction by......Aaron Garrison, Derek Keast, Michael R. Sharon,Richard Hartwell, Scott Stambach, Siddhartha Choudhury Artwork by......Janne Karlson, Rex Sextom, Tomasz Wieja Photography by......Mark Burchard, Shane Armstrong, Samantha Setto

Cover art by Rex Sexton


Current Issue/Spring/Summer 2014 

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