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Friday Dec 19, 2014
An Introduction:
This is the religious, political, pretty poetry free zone. Here the words bleed as the
ugly truth speaks from the depths of its darkest, rawest heart; exposing scars 
the still fresh wounds of the imperfect flesh most 
beautiful in the humbling flaws
of the human unmasked, 
confessing secrets, thoughts and realities most haunting...... 


Featured Artist and Cover Artist Fall/Winter 2014: Niall Parkinson

Niall Parkinson is an Irish artist specializing in the origination of dark, surreal, conceptual and spiritual hand drawn illustration from which he explores the darker regions of the human heart and experience. His background is in commercial graphic design and he had spent over 20 years working in this capacity within the printing industry. Niall has also had success in the music industry designing cd covers and booklets primarily for European metal bands. Read More 


Current Issue and Features

Artists retain all copyrights to their work.

Fall/Winter 2014 (<click to view)

Spring/Summer 2014

Janne Karlson: Spring/Summer 2014 #13 Vol 10

Rex Sexton:  Spring/Summer 2014 #13 Vol 10


Rex Sexton is a Surrealist painter exhibiting in Philadelphia and Chicago.
His latest book of stories and poems “Night Without Stars” received 5 stars
from ForeWord Clarion Reviews, which commented on the “wild beauty”and 
“joy of this collection … the  prose rabid, people hustling to survive their
circumstances …”  Another recent collection of stories andpoems “The Time Hotel” 
was described by Kirkus Discoveries as “… a deeply thought-provoking
…compelling reading experience.” His short story “Holy Night” received an 
Eric Hoffer Award and was published in Best New Writing 2007.  

Fall/Winter 2013

Amanda Turco: Featured Artist Fall/Winter 2013 #12 Vol 9


Amanda Turco resides in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. She is a portrait artist,
reference library worker, and a mean coffee maker (although she doesn't drink the stuff).
A drawing of hers came in second place in the Art Instructional School art competition,
and was then published in their magazine, Illustrator, in 2007. In August of 2012 another
painting of hers was featured in the literary magazine Black Lantern Publishing.


#1 A Love Beyond
#2 Burden of Responsibility
#3 chickadee 2
#4 Daemon
#5 Heart’s War
#6 Jack
#7 Loss of Innocents



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Rex Sexton: Fall/Winter 2013 #12 Vol 9


Rex Sexton is a Surrealist painter based in Philadelphia and Chicago.  His award winning
art has been televised on PBS, written about in newspapers, reproduced in magazines and
included in national and international exhibitions.  Of his recent exhibit in Chicago
the critique Robin Dulzen wrote in Chicago Art Magazine: “Sexton’s work … brings
to mind the flattened forms and spaces and line qualities of Miro … {and} the bizarre
figures and spaces of Chagall.  Bridging reality and fantasy, Sexton’s paintings emotionally
engage viewers with multitudes of figures and multitudes of vivid expressions.” 
Jeffery McNary wrote in New City: “Growing up in Chicago’s Back of the Yards
neighborhood, Sexton 'saw hardships with no let up.’  He paints 'expressions of
humanity with the hope that I capture its dreams in the midst of adversity."

“Romanticism emerges in his stunning "Edith" oil painting.  This semi-cubist portrait
of Edith Piaf seduces with thick, deep layers of tans and blacks, doe eyes and arched eyebrows.”


#1 Echoes in the Attic
#2 Eye Spy
#3 Talking Heads
#4 Witch



Aaron Kubacák:Published in the Spring/Summer 2013 issue #11





Jim Fuess: Published in the Spring/Summer 2013 issue #11





Shane Armstrong:Published in the Spring/Summer 2013 issue #11



 Denny Marshall: Published in the Fall/Winter 2012 issue #10




Rex Sexton:Publised in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue #9 
Bio: Rex Sexton is an award winning writer and artist based in Chicago. His novel “Desert Flower” was reviewed as “ … so skillfully devious it could have been written by Heinrich von Kleist two centuries ago in Germany …” by Kirkus Discoveries. His poetry and prose have appeared in cutting edge literary magazines, such as Möbius, EDGZ, Ardent and Willow Review. His recent collection “The Time Hotel” was described by another Kirkus review as “ … a deeply thought provoking …compelling reading experience …”. His short story “Holy Night” received an Eric Hoffer award and was published in Best New Writing 2007. His recent poetry and art book, “X-Ray Eyes” received critical acclaim by Chicago Art Magazine 

Ron Koppelberger: Published in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue #9
Bio: Ron Koppelberger Is aspiring to become established as a poet and a short story writer. He has written 98 books of poetry over the past several years and 17 novels: He has been submitting his work for the past year and a half. He is thrilled by acceptance. He is always looking for an audience. He has published 348 poems, 190 short stories, and 36 pieces of art in over 90 periodicals, books and anthologies. He has been published in The Storyteller, Ceremony, Write On!!! (Poetry Magazette), Freshly Baked Fiction and Necrology Shorts. Also he recently won the People’s Choice Award for poetry In The Storyteller for a poem titled Secret Sash. He has been accepted in England, Australia, Canada and Thailand. He loves to write and offer an experience to the reader. He is a member of The American Poet’s Society as well as The Isles Poetry Association.

 Aaron Kubacak: Published in the Spring/Summer 2012 issue #9

Khara Oxier: Featured artist for the 2011 Fall/Winter issue # 8
Bio: Khara Oxier is an untrained artist with focus on creating imagery that the viewer will feel. She focuses on getting emotional issues she has inside herself out into the open. She is inspired by context that is unseen, as well as the unknown.


Madrea Loy: Published in issue #8 Fall/Winter 2011

Tray Drumhann: Published in issue #7 Spring/Summer 2011
Bio: Tray Drumhann?s work explores the dimensions and depth of human nature. His goal is to communicate the personal and cultural dynamics that condition how we view ourselves and others as well as how our individual experiences condition such perception. Notable publications featuring Drumhann?s work include: The Pinch Journal, Tiferet & Adagio Quarterly.

Aaron Kubacak: Published in issue #6 Fall/Winter 2010

Kyle Hemmings: Published in issue #6 Fall/Winter 2010

Jim Fuess: Published in issue #5 Spring/Summer 2010 http://www.jimfuessart.com






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