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Tuesday Jan 27, 2015


Featured Artist and Cover Artist Fall/Winter 2014: Niall Parkinson

Niall Parkinson is an Irish artist specializing in the origination of dark, surreal, conceptual and spiritual hand drawn illustration from which he explores the darker regions of the human heart and experience. His background is in commercial graphic design and he had spent over 20 years working in this capacity within the printing industry. Niall has also had success in the music industry designing cd covers and booklets primarily for European metal bands. Read More 


Current Issue and Features

Spring/Summer 2014 #13 Vol 10

Poetry by……

Alicia M. Cable
Anthony J. Langford
Arthur Gottlieb
Ashley Dioses
Charles Byrne
Collen Colkitt
Craig A. Hart
Daniel Algara
David Lawrence
Debbie Berk
Erick Ulrich
Erren Geraud Kelly
Frank De Canio
G. David Schwartz
Greg Moglia
Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino
Gretchen Tessmer
Jan Spence
Jeff Bernstein
Jim Davis
John Grey
John Sibley Williams
Joseph Owens
K.J Wortendyke, Jr
Kevin Ridgeway
Marchell Dyon Jefferson
Mark Burchard
Michael Ashley
Michael O’Connor
Peggy Carter
Peter McQueary
Peycho Kanev
Rebecca Freeh
Rex Sexton
Rhonda Parrish
Richard Calaman
Richard King Perkins 11
Robert Diehl
Roger Singer
Stella Santamaria
Thomas Edwards
Tom Pescatore
Toska Litost
Val Gryphin
Venger As'Nas Satanis
Walter Newton


OUR HEROES SUCK by Aaron Garrison
Casual Fear by Derek Keast
Matt and Kate by Michael R. Sharon
Montrose Drive by Richard Hartwell
N. by Scott Stambach

HOWL by Siddhartha Choudhury 

Flash Fiction

Hegemonic Reform by Jonathan Alston




Rex Sexton
Moon Ladder
Night Without Stars

Janne Karlson
Tomasz Wieja 




Mark Burchard
Shane Armstrong
Samantha Setto


Cover art, Pale Moon, by Rex Sexton

Featured Contributor Spring/Summer 2014

Poet / Craig A. Hart

Craig A. Hart is an editor, writer, publisher, and poet. His prose and poetry have been
published both traditionally and independently. Early in 2012 he founded The Rusty
Nail literary magazine for which he now serves as editor-in-chief and in January 2013
began Sweatshoppe Publications where he currently serves as executive publisher.

Awake In the Middle of the Night

Lying awake in the middle of the night
is a special kind of torture.
Some people can sleep no matter what,
through storms and the thunder of passing trains,
the dripping of a leaky faucet or even
the deafening sounds of their own thoughts.
But if you’re one of those people
who are disturbed by these things, who can’t sleep
if the room is too hot or too cold,
or if you’re a little bit hungry
but not enough to get up at 2 a.m.
to make a sandwich, then you know what I mean.
Maybe your mind is too busy working out details
or worried about something you can’t control.
Or perhaps you needed sex,
but no one was proximate and willing.
Whatever the case may be, you’re awake—
lying inert on a bed of nails, arms at your sides,
staring up at a ceiling that doesn’t even have
the courtesy to be interesting.
Sleep has thus far evaded you,
but the good news is that now you’ve found this poem
and if history is any sort of indication,
it won’t be long now.

To view more from this author or to read other great authors in the issue, 
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Featured Contributor Spring/Summer 2014

Poet / Anthony J. Langford

 Anthony J. Langford lives in Sydney Australia. He writes stories, poetry and  makes video 
poems. His story, The Long Jetty, featured in the Verandah 25th Anniversary Edition. 
Some of his recent publications include Ink, Sweat & Tears, Mused, Citizens for Decent 
Literature, Crack the Spine and Eunoia Review. He works in television and has made short 
films, some of which have screened internationally. His novella, ‘Bottomless River’ is out 
now through Ginninderra Press. A poetry collection, Caged without Walls will be released 
in 2013.

A wide selection of his work can be found at www.anthonyjlangford.com 


The long wick loathing

I fall to one side
As you charge past
I recognize
The biting aroma
The ugly trail of bitterness
Seeping up out of toils
Into the synapses
Where it prefers
And betrays.

All strengths
And admirable traits
From prior incarnations
The respectable
Made ugly                  
Where caution is a rusted bomb
And regret is tomorrow’s
While the rays still punish.

When taste is preferred
And reason is
Grains scattered
It stinks like rot
Yet sets like concrete
For the long haul.

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