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Tuesday Jul 29, 2014
An Introduction:
This is the religious, political, pretty poetry free zone. Here the words bleed as the
ugly truth speaks from the depths of its darkest, rawest heart; exposing scars 
the still fresh wounds of the imperfect flesh most 
beautiful in the humbling flaws
of the human unmasked, 
confessing secrets, thoughts and realities most haunting...... 

"Of Flesh and Other False Things" *from, "Kill The Messenger, Conversations in the
Dark," a fifth collection in process.by Debbie Berk


Featured Contributors Spring/Summer 2014




                                                  Click on photo to view bio, poetry, etc; 

Top Row: Left to right, Ashley Dioses, Peycho Kanev, Stella Santamaria,
Craig A. Hart, 
Mark Burchard, Venger As'Nas Satanis 

Bottom Row: Left to right, G. David Schwartz, Anthony J. Langford, 
Richard Hartwell, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

Featured Artist:Tomasz Wieja



As random and "illogical" as they are, dreams always refer to the viewer's
hidden world.
Mandalas - ilustrations of dreams – are shortcuts to the
subconscious Self.

© Tomasz Wieja, all rights reserved



Tomasz Wieja is a photo illustrator. His photographs are bridges between
the subconscious and the fgurative.
They serve both as symbol and form.
The Author is strongly infuenced by traditions of surrealism
and psychoanalysis.


The Dreaming is the realm of both questions and answers.

Current Issue and Features

Artwork 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Artists 

Janne Karlson
Rex Sexton 
Tomasz Wieja

Photography 2014

Spring/Summber 2014 Photographers 

Mark Burchard  
Samantha Seto
Shane Armstrong 

Contributors for the Fall/Winter 2013 issue of The Stray Branch #12 Vol 9

Poetry By……

A.J. Huffman
Amber Koneval
Annie Neugebauer
ayaz daryl nielsen
Brendan Sullivan
Bruce Millar
Catfish McDavis
Dana Stamps, 11
Daniel J. Langton
David Lawrence
Denny Marshall
Elizabeth Swados
Erren Geraud Kelly
Frank De Canio
Frank S. LeRose
G. David Schwartz
Ivy Page
j.p. Christiansen
James Dye
Jay Dardes
John Muth
John T. Hitchner
Krikor N. Der Hohannesian
Mark Burchard
Martin Willitts Jr.
Matt Dennison
Matthew Raynor
Matthew Rodgers
Michael Lee Johnson
Michael M. Marks
Michael Mc Aloran
Patrick Sugrue
Paul David Adkins
Peter J. Grieco
Philip Tinkler
Robert E. Petras
Roger Singer
Sarah Anne Stinnett
Simon Perchik
Timothy B. Dodd
Valentina Cano

Fiction by……

Eric Bonholtzer /Body Bag
Lily Murphy /Tuesday Night Bowling
Mark Slade /The Swarm
Ron Koppelberger /Far From It and The Pumpkin
Shane Armstrong /Action Spurs Creativity
Simone Martel /In The Night Kitchen
Terence kuch /Hands

Artwork by……

Amanda Turco
Rex Sexton

Photography by……

Sally Burnette

Cover art by Rex Sexton

Fall/Winter 2013
Featured Contributor ~
Michael Mc Aloran 

Michael Mc Aloran was Belfast born, (1976). His most recent work has appeared  in ditch,
Gobbet Magazine, Ink Sweat & Tears, Ygdrasil, Establishment, Carcinogenic, Primal Urge, A New Ulster,
etc. A second full length collection, 'Attributes', was published by 'Desperanto' in 2011. 'Lapwing
Publications, (Ireland), also published a collection of his poems, 'The Non Herein', in 2012 & The Knives,
Forks & Spoons Press, (U.K), will release 'Emblems' and also an ekphrastic book of text/ art,
'Machinations' later this year. He also has two projects forthcoming from Quarter After Press...
He edits Bone Orchard Poetry, a webzine of the bleak/ the dark/ the surreal and the experimental...


Echo within echo within shadow of…
Absence/ walls/ flames/ still breath alone

Pantheon of carousel/ of vertigo/ of absences

Night’s undoing was never night
Hence the laughter forever ceases to be 


Unto shadow/ dread…a poison key
Catacomb kiss…the ease by which/ lapsed

Shattered veins of sun/ night without traces
Foliage of skin/ expired meat/ drained of nothing


Danse of polka winds…night undone/
Night flourishing…

Silent retrace of bone/ vapours/ memories

Immense sky of non-death/ nothing lessened
Razor absences/ peeling away the bloodlessness


Hollowed tongue…winds dealt/ silenced
Dread lest the fingers break/ (only the elapsed)

Sing elixir of non-speech/ mouth full of dry sands
Leaving behind the drapery of skinned tide


Bleed…(where the stitched wind surrogates)
Night’s laughter/ sonorous abandon…

Here and there…back then to follow/ breach
Again all over it and naught lest to follow/ done



Reek unto assuaged….
Skinned breath sharp as shock/ absent

Reek of dead silences/ earthen splendour

Back again till naught and the obscene scatter of…
Dead again…a burning forest of silences

Fall/Winter 2013
Featured Contributor ~
G David Schwartz 

G. David Schwartz - the former president of Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the
author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue and Midrash and Working Out Of The Book Currently a volunteer
at The Cincinnati J, Schwartz continues to write.  His newest book, Shards And Verse (Baltimore,
PublishAmerica, 2012) is now in stores or can be order on line. 
Names are not real people, in my work.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Without Wings Made Me Tear
Without wings made me tear
Made me wish that you were here
I would let you borrow do
My absence of wings so true
Without wings made me seem
To be a burred bird
and as I feel my wet eyes drupe
Its just the drupe drop of words
I lay my eyes beneath with cries
And end up with only sighs
And being thus so wingless
I pound my fists upon my chest

They Hit Me Like A Pillow

I sat down at a committable conformable desk
I had earlier cleared the mess
then I let my eyes drop onto her verse
Wide awake in a flash
    Some people, so I hear
    think beauty is a body
    some believe it is a part
    But I have studied Aristotle
    And althought I've forgot
I seem to see some beauty
On the printed page
Which makes be cry
Or makes be go in rage
    But with her, without her here
    I thought a bit about her ear
    And wondered where I could go to hear
    Those gentle droppings of a tear
A wise sage one day said
"Beauty's only shin deep
But the more I read these lines I find
You do need skin for beauty
      And there there they were
    The trouble-less laughter lines
    Which with the warm days
    Still bring good surprise
And like a pillow they hit me
All stones flew to let me be

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