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Tuesday Jan 27, 2015


Featured Artist and Cover Artist Fall/Winter 2014: Niall Parkinson

Niall Parkinson is an Irish artist specializing in the origination of dark, surreal, conceptual and spiritual hand drawn illustration from which he explores the darker regions of the human heart and experience. His background is in commercial graphic design and he had spent over 20 years working in this capacity within the printing industry. Niall has also had success in the music industry designing cd covers and booklets primarily for European metal bands. Read More 


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Fall/Winter 2014 Contributors…


Amy Lawson
Daniel N. Flanagan
Denise Mostacci Sklar
Doug Polk
Edward W. L. Smith
G. David Schwartz
Heather M. Browne
Ibrahim Deathray
J Ryan Bermuda
James B. Nicola
Jason Brown
Jerry M.  Nehr
Joan McNerney
John J. Trause
John Spilman, Jr
Joseph Buehler
Joy Leftow
Laura Grodin
Marcia Arrieta
Mark Burchard
Mark J. Mitchell
Matthew Rodgers
Peter Grimaldi
Phaidra Mangriotis
Rick Hartwell
Roger Cowin
Ron Larson
Scott Blackwell
Shinjini Bhattacharjee
Stephen D. Nadaud II
Tim Murphy
William Ogden Haynes



Angela Spires
Gary Beck
Judy Bastin
Mandy Alyss Brown
Rick McQuiston


Flash Fiction

Denise Mostacci Sklar
Gary Hewitt
Mark Hage


Denny Marshall
Marcia Arrieta
Niall Parkinson


Ibrahim Deathray
Mark Burchard
Paul Beckman
Susana H. Case

Cover art by Niall Parkinson



Jerry M. Nehr, Jr / Featured Poet Fall/Winter 2014

Jerry M. Nehr, Jr. is the founder (2000) and president of Creative Discoveries Training and
Consulting and is a licensed counselor in the state of Michigan. Jerry has a bachelor’s
degree in Business Administration from Wayne State University and a master’s degree in
Counseling and Addiction Studies from the University of Detroit Mercy.Jerry is a full-time
consultant, trainer and 
speaker who offers the following services to non-profit, profit,
governmental, educational 
and community-based organizations: Jerry is an adjunct faculty
member at Macomb 
Community College and is currently pursuing his PhD in Sociology at
Wayne State 
University. He is married and has a son.

Discovering Myself
I did not want to know, the person I might not be,
So instead I drank my drink and pretended I was free.
As years went on and I became the one who could not stop,
And all the things I thought I was, I realized I was not.
And so I said goodbye to the thing that eased my pain,
And now I fully realize that I truly was insane.
So here I am among you now, in all my hopes and fears,
Knowing that I am Divine – and had been all these years.
It’s hard sometimes, you know, to admit you cannot drink,
It really isn’t fair, ‘cuz I loved the taste…I think.
But as you read this think of me and take great joy in knowing,
That recovery is a sacred gift – the seeds of which I’m sowing.

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Paul Beckman / Feautured Photograher Fall/Winter 2014


Paul Beckman is a widely published author specializing in Flash Fiction and an award
winning photographer with a handful of one man shows and his pictures published in
both print and online magazines.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

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