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Wednesday Apr 16, 2014

Featured Contributors Spring/Summer 2014




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Top Row: Left to right, Ashley Dioses, Peycho Kanev, Stella Santamaria,
Craig A. Hart, 
Mark Burchard, Venger As'Nas Satanis 

Bottom Row: Left to right, G. David Schwartz, Anthony J. Langford, 
Richard Hartwell, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

Featured Artist:Tomasz Wieja



As random and "illogical" as they are, dreams always refer to the viewer's
hidden world.
Mandalas - ilustrations of dreams – are shortcuts to the
subconscious Self.

© Tomasz Wieja, all rights reserved



Tomasz Wieja is a photo illustrator. His photographs are bridges between
the subconscious and the fgurative.
They serve both as symbol and form.
The Author is strongly infuenced by traditions of surrealism
and psychoanalysis.


The Dreaming is the realm of both questions and answers.

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Artwork 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Artists 

Janne Karlson
Rex Sexton 
Tomasz Wieja

Photography 2014

Spring/Summber 2014 Photographers 

Mark Burchard  
Samantha Seto
Shane Armstrong 

Dog Years

by Adam Giannforcaro


Image © http://www.123rf.com


His wide hands around my waist,
I’m assisted down a single step
Into the backyard.
My paws soaked and cold in grass.
I squat in pain, joints aflame,
Release my fluids.
Water parachutes from the gray.
My coat heavy and matted,
I’m assisted inside,
Wrapped in a towel by his wide hands.
My hair– sopping and tangled,
My collar jingles.
Watch me ice skate on kitchen tile,
Reaching the rug, my comfort zone.
I collapse.
Assured, I’m a good girl. Beautiful.
Wide hands rub my ears,
I lean into his scratch.
He walks. Don’t leave me just yet.
Too much pain to follow,
Old woman I am.
I try. My hips creak and crack.
My body sways, but fall again.
A rusty gate I am.

©Adam Gianforcaro 

Adam is a writing arts graduate fromRowan University (2010). He has recently been promoted
to Social Media Director for Philadelphia Stories. His short story "Mr. Douglas" is being
published in the upcoming issue of Battered Suitcase.



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