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Tuesday Sep 16, 2014
An Introduction:
This is the religious, political, pretty poetry free zone. Here the words bleed as the
ugly truth speaks from the depths of its darkest, rawest heart; exposing scars 
the still fresh wounds of the imperfect flesh most 
beautiful in the humbling flaws
of the human unmasked, 
confessing secrets, thoughts and realities most haunting...... 

"Of Flesh and Other False Things" *from, "Kill The Messenger, Conversations in the
Dark," a fifth collection in process.by Debbie Berk


Featured Contributors Spring/Summer 2014




                                                  Click on photo to view bio, poetry, etc; 

Top Row: Left to right, Ashley Dioses, Peycho Kanev, Stella Santamaria,
Craig A. Hart, 
Mark Burchard, Venger As'Nas Satanis 

Bottom Row: Left to right, G. David Schwartz, Anthony J. Langford, 
Richard Hartwell, Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino

Featured Artist:Tomasz Wieja



As random and "illogical" as they are, dreams always refer to the viewer's
hidden world.
Mandalas - ilustrations of dreams – are shortcuts to the
subconscious Self.

© Tomasz Wieja, all rights reserved



Tomasz Wieja is a photo illustrator. His photographs are bridges between
the subconscious and the fgurative.
They serve both as symbol and form.
The Author is strongly infuenced by traditions of surrealism
and psychoanalysis.


The Dreaming is the realm of both questions and answers.

Current Issue and Features

Artwork 2014

Spring/Summer 2014 Artists 

Janne Karlson
Rex Sexton 
Tomasz Wieja

Photography 2014

Spring/Summber 2014 Photographers 

Mark Burchard  
Samantha Seto
Shane Armstrong 

Phaidra Mangriotis /Featured Poet Fall/Winter 2014


Phaidra Mangriotis was born in Athens Greece in 1975.  She studied Economics and International Relations at Brown University, R.I..  After graduating from Brown she studied Sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Arts.  She is a visual artist by profession.  She writes poetry in both English and Greek.  She has just published her first collection of poems writen in Greek in Greece, Snails die during summer, with publisher ODOS PANOS.  She is interested in publishing her first collection of poems writen in English, Lost Haven, in the United States.




Coarse blades razing my skin
A sting of warm liquid
Humming voices of a ritual
In the middle a giant snake
Changing colours manically
You held a knife
Reached out to kill the snake


“No” I screamed.
I woke up you were gone
I was bleeding
The bed was full of scales.


Dr. Heather M. Browne, PsyD, LMFT /Featured Poet Fall/Winter 2014


Heather M. Browne is a faith-based psychotherapist and recently emerged poet, published in the Orange Room, Boston Literary Review, Page & Spine, Eunoia Review, Poetry Quarterly, The Poetry Bus, Red Fez, The Muse, An International Journal of Poetry, Deep Water Literary Journal, Electric Windmill, Maelstrom, mad swirl, and Dual Coast.  Her first chapbook, We Look for Magic and Feed the Hungry has been published by MCI. She just won the Nantucket Poetry Competition. She has been married 20 years to her love, has 2 amazing teens, and can be found frolicking in the waves.  Follow her: www.thehealedheart.net




This longing in our soul


we satiate with


artificial sweetness


temporary fullness


no longer willing


to wait


no longer willing




Saccharine coated lust


infused with displaced hope


this climate controlled life




Where is the heat?



We Look for Magic and Feed the Hungry
by Heather M. Browne, published by MCI

G. David Schwartz /Featured Poet Fall/Winter 2014 

G. David Schwartz - the former president of  Seedhouse, the online interfaith committee. Schwartz is the author of A Jewish Appraisal of Dialogue (1994) and Midrash and Working Out Of The Book (2004) Currently a volunteer at The Cincinnati J, Meals On Wheels,  Schwartz continues to write.His newest book, Shards And Verse (2011) is now in stores or can be order on line.


 Names are not real people.

She Has A Very Fat Head   

She has a very fat head
It stretches for miles and miles 
But I never make fun of it
Except for a short while
I never call her fat head 
I leave that to others to beguile 
slough she has a fat head 
But she makes it smaller when she smiles

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